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The Great Walking-Backwards

I was getting my shit together.  Lost almost 50 lbs. over a two year period, got one job, then a second one because I still had too much time on my hands. Let me back up.  I wasn’t sure I could hold up to working a job.  Had been out of work for over 4 … Continue reading


  • Watch Helen Mirren handle herself like a boss in this sexist 1975 interview huffingtonpost.com/entry/watch-he… via @HuffPostWomen 1 day ago
  • Who decided women need bras? Also, why did god gift childless women with huge boobs? 1 day ago
  • @cadlymack I really like the preview (as opposed to the 20+ others I watched). 1 day ago
  • I have medical bills and no way to pay them. That's not @POTUS 's fault. My Gov. didn't accept the medicaid expansion. 1 day ago
  • You can tell this Boris guy has been drinking the Orange Kool-Aid for a LOOONG time. He's just rattling off memorized answers. 1 day ago

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