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Clean Water

In the slightly over two years I have been living with my parents (again) we’ve had unfiltered well water for most of it.  It’s undrinkable, it smells like sulpher, it turns whites yellow in the wash, and a shower/bath isn’t as satisfying as it used to be.  Considering I couldn’t peel off the cash for … Continue reading

5 Things That Are GOOD About Ringer (and SMG isn’t one)

I removed Ringer from my DVR several episodes ago.  At the time, the plot was going nowhere, the seemingly talented cast was delivering Lifetime Original par acting, and I didn’t give a crap about the heroine.  Yet after missing a few eps, I slunk over to Hulu to catch up on the antics of Siobhan/Bridget … Continue reading

My new blog

So I’ve finally created an blog.  Well, another one.  My first attempt didn’t go anywhere.  This first post isn’t about anything other than to announce that I intend to start blogging.  Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I am an entertainment junkie, so I’m sure they’ll be lots of posts about that.  I will … Continue reading