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5 Things That Are GOOD About Ringer (and SMG isn’t one)

I removed Ringer from my DVR several episodes ago.  At the time, the plot was going nowhere, the seemingly talented cast was delivering Lifetime Original par acting, and I didn’t give a crap about the heroine.  Yet after missing a few eps, I slunk over to Hulu to catch up on the antics of Siobhan/Bridget and am now caught up.  What changed?  Not a damn thing.  But there must be SOME reason why I keep watching, so here are my five things that are good about Ringer.

1.  At least some of the supporting cast are aware they are on a crap night-time soap opera.  Zoey Deutch (Juliet) and Jason Dohring (Mr. Carpenter) seem about to break out into fits of hysterical laughter at any moment.  Or roll their eyes so far back they become permanently stuck.

2.  The CW knows how to promote Ringer.  You can not watch a single CW show without seeing at least 1 promo for Ringer.  I suspect subliminal messaging.  And each promo looks to be THE ONE where something finally happens.

3.  Like another “R” show (Revenge) Ringer also has a Tyler.  Tyler Barrell.  He’s no Tyler Barrol, mind you.

4.  It gives you a true-to-life depiction of the recovery of an addict. . . What?  You can’t have an opposite sex sponsor?  And if that opposite sex sponsor falls off the wagon, willingly or no, they can’t be your sponsor anymore?

5.  That guy from Lost is in it.  You know, the one with the eyelashes. . . Richard Alpert.  Except this isn’t a good thing because he’s the stupidest FBI agent ever.  I was actually SHOCKED when he realized who “Matador” was before the corrupt cop had a chance to kill him.

So number 5 was a red-herring.  I’m sorry I was only able to come up with 4, but if you’ll stay tuned, I just might whip and essay on all the ways Sarah-Michelle Gellar makes Nina Dobrev look like an Oscar-caliber actress.


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