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Clean Water

In the slightly over two years I have been living with my parents (again) we’ve had unfiltered well water for most of it.  It’s undrinkable, it smells like sulpher, it turns whites yellow in the wash, and a shower/bath isn’t as satisfying as it used to be.  Considering I couldn’t peel off the cash for what we really needed — a whole house filtration system, as opposed to the dinky filter the builder installed at the well (which Pop had removed after someone cracked a pipe after a freeze). . . okay, you get the point.

Yesterday my folks had a fancy shmancy whole house filtration system installed.  I could actually get cooking water from the sink (prior we used bottled water for all cooking and drinking); that was weird.  The water seemed awfully bubbly but it wasn’t yellow and didn’t smell like rotten eggs so I went with it.  But the best was yet to come: BATH TIME!  I ran water for my niece and it was BEE-Yoo-ti-ful!  Gorgeous sparkling water falling from the tap where before had eeked questionably, who am I kidding?  It was impossible to take a non-yellow bath unless you colored it with bath pellets before yesterday.  And later, when I took a tepid bath, because everyone else had been bathing, I put way-too-much shampoo in my hair and I felt oddly light after my bath.

I know soon the novelty will wear off, and I kinda hate that.  I like being in appreciative awe of the “little”  things (if you knew how much this whole house filtration system cost, you’d realize it’s not little).  Like having a DVR; that’s still relatively knew to me.  But I’d have an appoplexy without my laptop which shows you how I have grown to accept socializing while sitting on my bed as matter of fact.  But for right now, I am doing laundry, with this laundry detergent supplied by the people who installed the whole house water filtration system.


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One thought on “Clean Water

  1. It’s funny how it can reverse so quickly as well. The wife and I got rid of cable/DVR almost a year ago. Switched to Netflix and Hulu and now cable seems silly; paying that much to have commercials beamed into your house. We pay $8/month for each subscription and can watch almost everything we were before. I would not want to go back to cable. Hopefully you’ll never have to worry about going back to no clean water. Yikes!

    Posted by mc jackson | February 28, 2012, 8:08 am

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