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Why Revenge is the Show Ringer Wants to Be

I’ve been joking since fall that Revenge is the show Ringer wants to be.  Before you go, Why is she writing about Ringer again, let me say, I’m not really, except to highlight how many things Revenge does right in order for it to be one of the most enjoyable hours of television.

In my last post, I noted how both shows have characters with essentially the same name.  Revenge has the now deceased Tyler Barrol whereas Ringer’s Tyler Barrell is still around (my friend Holly doesn’t understand why he exists in the first place so I like my theory that Ringer is stealing hoping for a little Revenge magic).  Ringer could have easily been called Revenge since it seems like Siobhan’s ultimate agenda is payback to Bridget.  I ocassionally accidentally call one show by the other name because they both start with “R”, have blond female femme fatales, and are about the lives of the rich (although Ringer can’t even afford to spring for convincingly designer attire).

Both shows are about one blond female assuming the identity of the other.  In Ringer, we can Bridget assuming Siobhan’s life (both played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) while Emily Van Camp’s Emily Thorne has switched identities with her juvie cohort, who now goes by Amanda Clark (Van Camp’s character’s real name).  Bridget is blindly stumbling through her existance as Siobhan and it’s only because the other characters are as stupid as she is that no one has caught on to her.  Most of the time, Emily is two moves ahead of everyone else, for this is a game she has been playing out in her head for years.  Whereas Bridget stammers and falters when confronted with evidence that threatens to reveal her true identity, Emily doesn’t even blink.  She does take just one extra breath before parrying the threat and thus far we have only seen one instance where she showed regret for her actions  .

In assuming Siobhan’s identity, Bridget promptly falls in love with Andrew (Siobhan’s almost estranged husband).  Bridget is so invested in fixing Andrew’s problems that she tends to ignore the bigger ones (hers).  While the viewer has yet to see just how far Emily will go, despite her seemingly growing affection for Daniel (her fiance’ and the son of those she seeks to destroy), her primary focus is HER objective.  Even with Jack, who we know she has true feelings for, she refuses to allow herself any kind of true intimacy because it would be a threat to her plan.

There are many other reasons why Revenge is the superior show.  It has so many delightful characters and even the guest actors deliver pitch-perfect performances.  Most recently, Law and Order’s Courtney B. Vance showed up as Daniel Grayson’s defense attorney; unlike many of the other characters in the Grayson’s circle, he is not under their thumb, but seeks to uncover any dark secret which might threaten his case.  Ringer has had some admirable guest appearances as well.  I truly enjoyed The Young and the Restless‘s Billy Miller’s turn as Charlie and although his grief seemed to well-acted for this show, it was nice to see Supernatural’s Mischa Collins playing a human.  But Revenge has more exciting guest appeances in store, and is a shoe-in for a second season; not so much for Ringer.

Lastly, and most importantly, stuff actually happens on Revenge.  Last episode, someone shot Tyler and at the end Daniel seems the most likely candidate as he is covered in blood.  However, it could have been the fake Amanda, since she was running from the scene, or even Jack, since we saw him dragging the dead body in the premiere.  But this week we found out exactly what went down on the beach and our heroine knows, too.  Over on Ringer, Bridget still has NO CLUE that Siobhan is still alive, or that her “step-daughter” is playing her and Andrew, and that no one is trying to kill Siobhan (it is HER, Bridget that Siobhan is trying to kill).  The real Siobhan is more like Emily but she’s not a sympathetic character.  Where Emily’s agenda is clearly defined in the pilot episode, we still don’t know what Siobhan is up to since she lies to everyone.  Supposedly she is doing all of this to be with her lover Henry, but since she disappeared without letting him know her plan (whatever it is) and is still lying to him) I find it hard to believe that she truly loves him.

Putting it simply, I LIKE many of the characters on Revenge and am invested in what happens to them.  How far will Emily go?  What is Nolan up to?  Where is Amanda?  There are now enough loose ends that Emily really needs to tread carefully but I’m still rooting for her.  As far as Ringer goes, I just want to see Bridget’s face when she finally realizes that Siobhan has been playing her.  Or Andrew’s face when he realizes “Siobhan” is Bridget.  Or the stupid FBI agent’s face when he realizes Bridget has been under his nose all along.  I guess I’ll just have to imagine them in my head since Ringer is in no hurry to make these things happen.


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