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Why I’m rooting for Evil Alaric and other TVD silliness

My first thought at the end of The Vampire Diaries episode “1912” was, “You gotta be kidding me!”  After all Alaric has been through, with discovering his wife left him (because she’d rather be a vampire) and losing his girlfriend (because she became a vampire shortly before being staked), the big reveal that Alaric is the serial killer stalking Mystic Falls’ founding families just seemed unfair.  Boy howdy, I was wrong.  Well, I wasn’t wrong in my logic, but I had (temporarily) forgotten how sexy Alaric (Matt Davis aka Ernesto RIley) was as Klaus (before Joseph Morgan showed up “in the flesh.”

In the latest TVD ep, “Break On Through,” we know serial killer Alaric is coming out to play when we see the myriad expressions floating across his face while Meredith (Torrey Devitto) gives him a CAT scan.  But evil Alaric doesn’t come out to play until later in the ep when he is left alone with Dr. Fell (aka Devitto aka Paul Wesley’s wife) and then it’s straight out of a slasher flick.  It’s rather disturbing when the psycho killer is also sexy as hell; I know I was supposed to be horrified when Elena and Stefan discovered Meredith’s shredded body but I was rather impressed with Evil Alaric.  He didn’t quite achieve Ripper Stefan results, but it was pretty darn impressive for a mere human.

Unlike some TVD fans, I can just go along for the ride.  Occasionally a storyline seems a bit of a stretch (Klaus and Caroline) and I am not the biggest fan of Joseph Morgan as Klaus.  But even then, even when I think the whole thing is silly (Klaus instantly developing a thing for Caroline when there has been ABSOLUTELY no build-up to it), the writers, actors, creators, etc. win me over.  Klaus was so darn sweet when Caroline lured him outside so Alaric and Damon could dagger Kol I actually felt sorry for him when he realized his crush was trying to help kill him.  Sure I would like to see Damon and Elena REALLY get together but, then what?  And just as I love Evil Alaric, I also thought Ripper Stefan was quite hot.  Conflicted Stefan is still pretty steamy too.  As evidenced by Twilight’s permantly pretty boy Edward, neutered vampires are not hot.  They can be sweet, cuddly, even, but so much more fun when you don’t know if they want to kill you or sex you up.

In a moment of serious, the Bonnie situation is a bit problematic for me.  TVD writers seem to be at a loss as to what to do with her, so she pops in and out of the story whenever there is need for a witch.  The fact that she is the only major African-American character, and that most of TVD’s witches are African-American smacks of a bit of prejudice.  I’m not saying this is the intent; I can just see how it could be read that way.  Personally, I am not a huge Bonnie fan so it doesn’t really bother me when she’s gone.  Unlike Candice Accola’s Caroline, who has morphed from season 1’s annoying, self-centered bratty cheerleader into the voice of wisdom (still delivered in dulcet cheers), Bonnie (Kat Graham) seems to have gone backwards.  She didn’t irritate me as much early on as she did in Season 2 and early Season 3.

I’m glad to see at least one extra original wll be back next week: Finn!  I was so disappointed when we didn’t get to see much of him the first time around since I decided to develope a thing for him.  Since none of the originals are currently killing anyone, I am trying to remember why Damon and Stefan still want to kill them.  And since it should now be obvious to Rebecca that Damon wants her dead, I don’t know why she didn’t vanquish him on the spot. . . except that she is still a teenage girl with a crush so I’m guessing that glimpse of her torturing Damon is more fun for her.


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