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I Might Need a TV Intervention

I watch a ridiculous amount of Television.  Technically, I watch a ridiculous amount of TV shows.  I seldom view anything “live” since I have my DVR set to record over 30 shows. . . not all currently airing new eps, of course.  I suppose this wouldn’t be so tragic if I actually got paid to watch all this crap, or if I was actively blogging like I promised myself I would, but I’m not doing either.  With the exception of episodes of The Vampire Diaries, I watch each recorded show once and delete it.

Now to explain why I am currently shaking my head at myself.  I just started following tikisgrandad on twitter.  This requires a certain amount of TVD (The Vampire Diaries) devotion.  Tiki’s granddad appeared in one episode in season 1 so to understand the tweets, one needs to know that he was/is a senile old man (also African-American).  I sort of allow myself a certain leniacy as to TVD since I have managed to talk two very dissimilar women into loving the show.  I think if TVD were on another network, it would be a bigger hit than it is.

But I also watch Smash and I have no justification for that.  I never understood why the critics thought it would be great and am amused at how most of them pretend it doesn’t exist anymore.  Smash becomes more ridiculous with each episode and yet I continue to watch.  Usually when I need a break from reality, and let me tell you, the singing numbers in Glee are more “realistic” than the ones in Smash.  Yes, I watch Glee, too.

And Once Upon a Time, GCB, Castle, New Girl, Cougar Town, Person of Interest, GRIMM, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, CSI, Revenge, In Plain Sight. . . and about as many other shows not currently airing.  There are even a few shows I catch on hulu because I am already recording two things when they air.

Fortunately for me, summer is coming and I am not a fan of reality TV.  I’ve got to make more of an effort to get out and meet people, although I am hyperventilating slightly at the thought.  See, right now, I like fake people (characters) better than real people.  I was better with books than people as a child, movies over people in my twenties. . . you get my drift.


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