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Some Good Flicks

I’m too lazy to come up with a better title.

The Station Agent

This 1993 film stars Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) as a loner who inherits a train station in a small town.  His attempt to live in solitude is interrupted by the local concession vender (Bobby Cannavale) and a scatter-brained housewife (Patricia Clarkson).

The Fountain

Daren Aronofsky’s third film was a box office flop (he also directed Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan) but it’s a beautiful musing on life and eternity.  Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss star in this mythological tale that asks you to let go of linear storytelling and simply experience the movie.

The Gift

This isn’t a perfect film, but I love it for it’s spookiness and Keanu Reeves spectacular performance as a creepy redneck.  Cate Blanchett (my favorite actress) is a Savannah psychic and widow who begins seeing visions of a murder.  Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes also star.

Dangerous Beauty

After watching this film, I bought a book of Veronica Franco’s poetry,  Based on a true story of a courtesan (Catherine McCormack, Braveheart) with ties to many of the powerful men of Venice, Veronica Franco was a noted poetess.  Rufus Sewell costars as the one man she loves.


This cult hit starring Christian Bale was released in the same year as The Matrix and shares a similar action style (in addition to other things).  Unlike The Matrix, which is too sci-fi to be realistic, Equilibrium suggests a real future in which all citizens are required to inject themselves with mood flattening drugs and art and music are illegal.

The Order

Mark Addy (Game of Thrones)


Another religious flick I love: Patricia Arquette delivers a lovely nuanced performance in this film.


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One thought on “Some Good Flicks

  1. You are a writer.-i am just saying…………
    I have not seen any of those films except for the Keanu one:) I will have to check the rest out. What did you think of The Departed, I thought it was well made, well acted, and gripping. I just do not like most of the movies that are made these days.

    Posted by Celeste heairld | May 27, 2012, 2:36 am

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