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This film horrified me when I first saw it in the theatre.  I  remember coming outside after a matinee showing, to ominous clouds which seemed fittingly end-of-the-worldish.   David Fincher earned his rep on this movie, and even though he’s made darker films since, I think this is the most disturbing.  Unlike Fight Club or The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo,   Se7en features ordinary people trying to exist in a very fuck-up reality.

It’s because of Se7en that I can name the 7 deadly sins.  I hadn’t read Milton or Dante when I first saw this film.  Shortly afterwards, I studied Dante, and all I could see, while reading the text, was images from the film. This might be the film where I fell in love with Morgan Freeman.

Rewatching it, all these years later, I’m impressed at how it holds up. Like Psycho, Se7en is a true horror film. The camera angles are a mix of traditional and new.  Gwyneth Paltrow has been compared to Grace Kelly, who did a Hitchcock fim or two, and it’s in this movie where you can really see why.  After Se7en, she went on to do a Hitchcock remake.  I think her diner scene with Morgan Freeman is one of the best things she’s done.



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