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Yay for Good TV

My middle brother has discovered Hell on Wheels.  I’ll have to ask him if I can take any credit for this, but I think he heard about it elsewhere.  It was my youngest brother who insisted the critics were idiots when I told him it wasn’t weel received last year.  I’m glad I gave it … Continue reading

Reunion Fever

Today I received my twenty year class reunion invitation in the mail.  I was mildly surprised, seeing as how, in a fit of pique, I had removed myself from the Facebook group, “Mt. Zion High Class of 1992 20 Year Reunion.”  I also defriend about 100 people that night, for now particular reason other than I … Continue reading

White Collar: Neil’s Long Con

White Collar finally wised up; it’s been bugging me for a while that the criminals Neil (Matt Bomer) and Peter (Tim Dekay) are pursuing never seem aware of Neil’s involvement with the FBI.  At this point, this oversight has become incredibly silly.  Since all of these criminals are willing to work with Neil because of … Continue reading

Summer viewing leading into fall

So I’ve got real Cable now, which means I can write about Showtime and HBO shows.  But for now, it’s “Hit and Miss” with my random TV observances. Speaking of “Hit and Miss,” I’ve rather enjoyed it.  Years ago, when working in the Barnes & Noble Cafe’, we decided to cast the store (new staff, … Continue reading

RIP Ronnie

Seems I’ve reached that age where people I know start dying.  Not people my parents’s know; they’re dropping like flies.  But when you’re my age (38) and in denial that you’re 38, having someone you’ve partied with die of cancer is not really in line with your/my way thinking. But on to Ronnie.  His mom … Continue reading