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Summer viewing leading into fall

So I’ve got real Cable now, which means I can write about Showtime and HBO shows.  But for now, it’s “Hit and Miss” with my random TV observances.

Speaking of “Hit and Miss,” I’ve rather enjoyed it.  Years ago, when working in the Barnes & Noble Cafe’, we decided to cast the store (new staff, quite pretty) and my friend Sean suggested Chloe Sevigney for me.  I was like WTF? but after watching “Hit and Miss” I’m rather proud and impressed.  Since I’ve been mistaken for a man more than once. . . okay, nevermind.  But “Hit and Miss” is interesting.  In case you didn’t know, Sevigney plays a pre-op trannie.

White Collar.  Matt Bomer is gay.  What female CARES?  WE have realized for years that the male models on our romance novel covers are gay.

True Blood.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.  Eric.  Kill Bill,

I wanted to like the new Dallas, since I never got to watch the old Dallas, with the reilgious no TV thing, but after setting my DVR to ONLY record the premiere of the new Dallas, I was so unimpressed I forgot about it for a month.

Hell on Wheels is back.  I don’t care that 2.1 seems a bit random (Bohannon has joined up with train robbers), I’m just glad it’s back.  Cause Anson Mount is hot.  And dirty.

Political Animals.  I watched Sigourney Weaver talking about this show to that British chap on CNN (something about the most important role she’s ever done) and now I am so depressed for female action somethingorothers, because even though this show is a somewhat decent summer filler, it is forgettable.  Like the actor playing the eldest son who keeps disappearing as the next big thing.ig

Of course, I’m dying to see how Dexter handles his predicament, and what Elena does when she realises she’s a vampire, or what the heck is going on in the Hamptons on Revenge. . .


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