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White Collar: Neil’s Long Con

White Collar finally wised up; it’s been bugging me for a while that the criminals Neil (Matt Bomer) and Peter (Tim Dekay) are pursuing never seem aware of Neil’s involvement with the FBI.  At this point, this oversight has become incredibly silly.  Since all of these criminals are willing to work with Neil because of his reputation, it would seem that by now SOMEONE he has helped take down would have gotten the word out.  Jails do have telephones and visitation.  So I uttered a silent “FINALLY” when this weeks’ mark Abigail (LOST‘s Rebecca Mader) opens a conversation with Neil by calling him by name AND mentioning his anklet.

In the same vein, why hasn’t one of Mozzie’s sources beat the crap out of him for helping Neil help the FBI?

My new beef:  give Tiffani Amber Thiessen something to do besides act as Peter’s cheerleader.  Thiessen sounded bored as snot when she told Peter, “You’ll figure it out.  You always do.”  White Collar has struggled to figure out what to do with Thiessen, from ocassionally throwing her in the middle of the current investigation to her friendship with Mozzie.  But too often Elizabeth Burke is relegated to the role of Peter’s sounding board as he frets over something Neil has done.  I’d love to see Elizabeth say, “Gee, Honey, why don’t we talk about MY day for once?”

I kind of wish Neil would have stayed on the run for a little longer, especially if he was going to keep hanging out beachside!  But since the city of New York functions as a main character, it makes sense to quickly move him back there.

I did like this latest ep’s Thomas Crown feel.  It was fun to see Neil and Mozzie scurrying around in the museum.  I also liked Neil and Diana’s bonding moment.  I wonder how the show will handle Neil’s betrayal/manipulation of Peter?


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