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Fall Television Roundup

I’ve been having some trouble getting enthused about the new shows for fall, and now that I’m watching some of them, I feel justified.  With all the shows I follow ALREADY, plus all the movies I want to see. . . nevermind all the other things I should be doing, I just can’t commit to any more shows if the don’t “suck me in” the first episode.  However, I have discovered a couple of gems that I’ll definitely be sticking with.  In addition to the pilots, I’ve included returning shows currently on my viewing schedule.

The Good:

Elementary (CBS)  – I remember reading someone’s disdain for the idea behind this re-visualized Sherlock Holmes but I rather enjoyed the pilot.  Johnny Lee Miller is delightfully dishevelled and Lucy Liu gets to play a somewhat more astute Watson than the one I recollect from the original stories.  Plus, Watson and Liu have chemistry, unlike other pairings out this fall (ah-hem, 666 Park Avenue).  Oh, and there’s Aidan Quinn.

Go On (NBC) – This year’s New Girl, i.e. comedy that makes me chortle, reminds me how much I love Matthew Perry.  Not only is he excellent, the script sparkles, and Perry’s fellow cast mates are wonderfully quirky.  Someone else agrees with me because Go On was just picked up for a full year.

Last Resort (CBS) – I only checked this show out because my TV was on the channel when it came on and it seemed something my brother would like.  I’m glad I gave it a “go” because so far I like it best of the new shows I’ve seen.  It’s trying to fill that LOST void (as is another show in the list) by dropping a sub of rebels on an island.  Strong cast and a gripping pilot made me feel like I was watching a movie.

ALPHAS (Sci-Fi) -There’s only 2 more episode’s in this season of ALPHAS, but I include it because, if you’re not watching, Season 1 is on Netflix.  It’s an intelligent take on the concept behind X-Men (that some humans are born evolved) without the superhero costumes.  Solid performances from all cast members creates a show where the viewer is deeply invested in the welfare of the “good” guys.

Sons of Anarchy (FX) – Some would argue that the even-more-excessive than usual violence the season (and that’s saying something for SOA) places this show in the “Bad” category.  However, between watching Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) hobble around unable to ride his bike and the horror of the deaths of two Son’s family members, SOA has its claws in me.  Plus, the internet couldn’t stop talking about last week’s shocking death, so creator Kurt Sutter should be mighty pleased with himself about now.

Homeland (Showtime) – Did ya watch the Emmys?  Everybody loves Homeland.  It’s the show Mandy Patinkin is actually happy to be a part of.

Copper (BBCA) – Over on the BBCA lives a pretty irish lad named Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) who is up to his elbows in all sorts of female trouble.  There’s a madam, a missing wife, an uptown lover, and a wayward child with our plucky detective stuck in the middle.

New Girl (Fox) – I’m not a huge fan of sitcoms (it’s so easy to do them poorly) but I love me some New Girl.  A friend doesn’t because it makes her cringe but I love it for the same reason.  Just watch one episode, and if you’re not dying laughing by the end, then I can’t help you.

Vampire Diaries (CW) – It’s not officially back, but after last season, I expect nothing but more awesomeness.  TVD does something well that other shows don’t.  Storylines are developed well enough that even as one is ending, two or three others are continuing as yet another developes.  Plus, there’s Damon Salvatore.

The Bad:

Dexter (Showtime) – Forgive me, Dexter Morgan, for placing you on the “Bad” list, and as much as I enjoyed last season’s cliff-hanging ending, COME ON!  Are we going to have to watch Debra investigate Dexter for the rest of the season while he ups the ante on his killing spree because she’s making him so damn nervous?

Bones (Fox) – So. . . Bones and Booth finally hooked up (off-screen) had a child, Bones went on the run at the end of last season and now she’s back.  And I don’t care.  The sizzle went out of this baby a long time ago.

Person of Interest (CBS) – Jim Caviezel talking to a street light camera.  Okay, you need to see the episode to know what I am talking about, but we’re supposed to buy the notion that the machine can actually respond to demands and supply answers, thus the moment which should be moving, where John pleads for knowledge of Finch’s whereabouts.  And the perpetually annoying Amy Acker is the one who has kidnapped Finch (Michael Emerson).

The Ugly:

2 1/2 Men (CBS) – I haven’t seen anything from this season and I don’t need to because last season was bad enough.  I watched the whole dang thing waiting to the new team to gel and they never did.  Walden Schmidt, you are definitely no Charlie Harper.

666 Park Avenue (ABC) – I wanted this show to be sleek and sexy.  I would have even settled for a cheesy rip-off of American Horror Story.  But egad, what it is, is a hot mess.  Not even Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams could pump some life into the pilot.  And don’t get me started on the ingenue (Rachel Taylor).  One word: GRATING!

Mob Doctor (FOX) – Oh, jeez.  I’ve seen some speculation that this show may be the first on the chopping block, and after forcing myself to watch it, I kinda agree.  As entertaining as she was in My Boys, Jordana Spiro is rather unlikable as the lead, and I didn’t really give two figs about any one else either (sorry Zack Gilford, but it looks like you’re 0-2 on your post-FNL outtings).

The Mindy Project (FOX) – Yeesh.  That was so unfunny it hurt.  And I wanted to shove a sock in her mouth.

Castle (ABC) – Where do we go since Castle and Beckett have finally hooked up.  Do we even care who killed Beckett’s mother?  Can Nathan Fillion’s charm salvage this sinking ship?  God, I hope so.

Supernatural (CW) – I love my boys, but after both of them having been to hell and back (literally, don’t you watch the show?) now Dean is in Purgatory.  I really miss season 1.  And John Winchester.  And the Roadhouse Crew.  And Bobby.

Criminal Minds (CBS) – I watched the first ep. of this season and I can’t really remember what happened.  There was some creepy serial killer.  Imagine that.

The Mentalist (CBS) – Okay, I didn’t watch the first episode of this season because there are about 6 shows that a better on the same night.  Have a feeling this season may be sayonara for Patrick Jane.

Too Soon to Tell:

Chicago Fire (NBC) – It’s certainly easy on the eyes with Jesse Spencer (House) and Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries) starring.  The scenes involving fires are truly frightening, and the first episode introduces enough tension between its two stars to make you want to see what’s next.  The pilot officially airs on October 10.

Emily Owens, M.D. (CW) – Based on the preview, I expected this show to be truly awful, however, it was surprisingly watchable, sort of a “Felicity becomes a doctor.”  The feel is a bit young for me, but the 25-year old me would have loved it.

Revenge (ABC) – Last season’s water cooler show is back and thus far, I’m less than impressed.  I’m afraid Revenge is going to venture into what I call ALIAS territory, which is when shows try to keep a storyline going by creating newer, and weirder twists and turns until what was once a decent show becomes a crazy caper only a deluded fan would love.  Maybe I’m over-reacting so this is why I have placed Revenge in no man’s land.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) – A good bit of what I just said about Revenge applies to Once.  The difference is, that on paper, the description of Once’s first season sounds ludicrous, so maybe having Emma and Snow get sucked into a devastated Fairy Tale land could actually be a good thing.  The season opener felt a little ploddy but maybe now that we’ve moved past the “hey, I remember you from fairy tale land” the pace will resume.


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2 thoughts on “Fall Television Roundup

  1. last resort looks promising. i see it as more of a 24 replacement and not so much the lost counterpart. you MUST watch revolution. give it some time too, it’s a slow cooker. in the first couple of episodes the characters seem pretty generic but by the 3rd ep. they are gaining depth and the story starts to pick up. though i am still having a hard time suspending belief on the whole “nothing works not even cars” deal. i mean it’s been 15 years. surely steam power works…

    also, go on is HILARIOUS and i really really hope it is here to stay.

    Posted by joey the mad scientist | October 3, 2012, 8:37 am

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