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A short history of my medical care. . .

It’s ironic.  Cause the history of my psychiatric care is much longer.  Basically (I hate this word, so overused), when I’ve had healthcare coverage, mental healthcare has been my priority, and suddenly I have reached the age of almost 39 without a gynocologist.

More on that later.

I’ve actually had surgery twice.  Once, tonsilectomy, as a child.  Second, sinus surgery as a young adult.  The polyps came back.  Had that confirmed years ago.  Been living with constant sinus annoyance.

But there might be a heart problem.  Family history of it, and aunt who is a nurse, after listening to heart, wanted an EKG.  Hasn’t happened.  Sometimes my upper body vibrates with my pulse when I am trying to go to sleep.  Not often, but the older I get, the more I think, “I should have that checked.”

So the knee problem seems really cosmetic.  My knees started creaking about 20 years ago.  Bad knees come from the same side as the heart issues.  Native Americans.  It’s obviously gotten worse over the years, and after my last retail job where I tried to wear semi-heels for 8 hours, my ankles joined in.  I don’t know if I have fluid on my knees, or if I’ve worn cartilage aways, but since it sounds like I’ve been dancing for years (AKA stripping), it amuses the hell out of me.  Except for when it hurts.

So why this history?  I haven’t had a true physical.  Ever.  Never seen a gynocologist.  My Mother was born in 1940, which losely interpreted means she thinks you only see a gyno if you’re sexually active, and since I’ve never married, I’m obviously not sexually active.  I reassure myself that since I REALLY AM NOT sexually active, my lack of lady healthcare is only minorly horrific.  Not going to try to use that argument on a professional.

But I have an ear infection, the latest in a string of winter ailments, most of them in my head.  Not in my mind, MY HEAD.  I quit smoking over a year ago (another justification my ignoring another health problem.  Why complain about sinus issues as a smoker?) so this season’s bugs are having fun with my face.  Crazy headaches, actual mucus coming out of my nose (that doesn’t happen much), sore, swollen throat. . . been vaulting between, “It’s a virus, drink more juice,” to “SOMETHING EVIL IS GROWING IN MY HEAD!”

Obviously, I need to see a doctor.  Probably a psychiatrist, but if I get this ear infection cleared, I could hear better.


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