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Yes, at this moment, I really miss the silliness that was Myspace “back in the day.”  I was a little late to the Myspace party; I got an account in ’05 or ’06.  It was all about trying to look as cool as possible.  Unfortunately, I tended to freak-out a lot on there (i.e. put my craziness in type) but I’ve tried really hard to tone that down on Facebook.  But the point I am trying to make is that it really wasn’t a platform for all this political nonsense that clogs up my Facebook wall.

See, I just happen to live in the armpit of the South, specifically outside ATL.  The ignorant racism is RAMPANT.  Sadly, had I not known the people I have known, or experienced the education that I have, I might have been one of them.  I still have my moments were I have to step outside of my own ignorance because someone has managed to portray an unflattering stereotype. 

But the Obama rhetoric is ridiculous.  Most of it is inaccurate, but I am not going to spend my evenings risking pissing people off by pointed them to Snopes, or opening myself up to having to research because I have to figure out how to explain HOW and WHY they are being racist and false.  Plus, I am a needy person who really needs to be liked.  It just makes me sad when I see something HATEFUL being posted by someone I know to be a lovely person.

Now I am not saying every person who has issues with Obama is racist.  There are plenty of reasons why a person could be opposed to him.  What I am talking about is people sharing some little meme that they saw shared somewhere else, without checking its veracity, and without realizing the inherit racism in this post.

Just yesterday, I had to listen to someone for whom I care dearly explain segregation in a way that was horrifyingly racist.  I am ashamed that I didn’t speak up sooner than I did because I actually let this lesson go on a bit without interrupting.  The thing I am realizing more and more is, what is morally and socially acceptable is what’s comfortable.  If it makes you uncomfortable, then it must be wrong.  Never mind checking yourself, to see if maybe YOU are the one whose horizons need expanding.


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