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Ignorance is NOT an excuse

I was horrified by what little of juror number (whatever) had to say to Anderson Cooper.  This oblivious little wifey of a lawyer had already envisioned herself as an author, when in actuality, she was no better spoken than Rachel Jeantel.  In the few minutes I saw, she mindlessly made several racially charged comments with … Continue reading

Being No. 2

There is an episode of Damages, where Tate Donovan’s character is disparagingly referred to as Glenn Close’s number 2.  I remember when I first saw it that I liked being number 2.  At that point, I had been an assistant manager at a bookstore where I had become best friends with my store manager.  She … Continue reading

Sharecroppers and Cotton-Pickers

I stumbled upon The Help tonight i.e. there was nothing else on.  I have been afraid of watching this film for its potential problematic issues (yes, I read reviews), nay, I had moved it to the pile of unwatchables based upon the folk I knew who had enjoyed it (a bit of profiling on my … Continue reading