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My Mother Accidentally Raised a Feminist (Part 2)

The original article was written for one of my Women’s Studies Courses (I minored in WS); tonight the topic of the Bronte Sisters brought the idea back. Mom hated Jane Eyre.  She talks about it as if she is in high school and just read it yesterday.  Her biggest beef is that they told each … Continue reading

It’s Just Music, Baby. . .

I am rediscovering my music collection.  I have 200-300 CD’s remaining from all the ones I have ever purchased.  A good 100+ were sacrificed by father’s religious furvor when I was 20.  I checked myself into a mental hospital (for the 1st time) after that.  I’d guess at least 50 more disappeared because hocking Cd’s … Continue reading

Facebook is the Devil

My friend Holly used to say, “Myspace” is the devil.  A few years ago, it was the social media rage and also the way one found out things one didn’t want to know.  In her case, she discovered the gentleman she was dating had a serious live-in girlfriend.  After being jerked around by said gentleman, … Continue reading

Summer TV wrap-up

Okay, this is too late for breaking TV, but since I watched most of it after it was broken, you’ll survive. Biggest Tease: The White Queen Starz is so amped about this miniseries that they offered the premiere free.  And it was tasty.  Way hotter than 50 Shades of Gray.. . or Grey. . . … Continue reading

Here’s MY American Dream

My mother was the 8th child and last of a cotton mill family.  I saw the house she was born into (next to the railroad) before it was torn down. My father’s birth wasn’t recorded for several years since my Grandmother propped a sewing machine against the door to give birth to him.  She wanted … Continue reading