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Summer TV wrap-up

Okay, this is too late for breaking TV, but since I watched most of it after it was broken, you’ll survive.

Biggest Tease: The White Queen

Starz is so amped about this miniseries that they offered the premiere free.  And it was tasty.  Way hotter than 50 Shades of Gray.. . or Grey. . . can someone explain the difference?  The lead actress is so gorgeous most shots emphasize her freckles.

I have been watching Mistresses.  Nowhere near as tawdry as the premise promises;  Good actors with a silly plot.  Great Escape.  Alyssa Milano does wonders with a silly plot, as does most of the cast with the exception of Yunjim Kim (with the exception of her scenes with Gary Dourdan). 

Check out  The Fall on Netflix.  It’s been renewed for season 2. Gillian Anderson (Scully) and Jamie Dorman ( the sheriff from OAT).  Great performances by both.

Longmire: Just discovered this show via Netflix; How did I miss it?  Fans of the Western genre will LOVE it. . . also happens to be a good crime drama and/or family drama.  Fun to see actors who normally play soapish characters step up to the plate (just watch the show!).

Ripper Street: the first few eps turned me off: very violent but I came back.  Interesting period drama with solid performance by Matthew McFadden, but Jerome Davies  (Bronn from GOT) and Adam Rothenberg steal the show.

TRUE BLOODBest season since Season 1.  I swore I would never watch another episode after last seaons’ finale, but my brothers’ talked me into it.  This season: more heart over freak-sideshow.  There’s even an ep.  seriously devoted to Terry which felt right.  Time for the folks (and Sookie) of Bon Temp to slow down.  I like this season’s Sookie.  Unfortunately, I also LOVED Warlow, which I shouldn’t. . .

I have liked what I’ve seen of the finale season of Burn Notice.  It feels fresh and down home, focusing on the characters over the events.

I’m behind on Suits and Covert AffairsCable’s off!

I’ll try to do better with more posts. . . let me know what shows you liked me to check out!



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