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The Funny Girl

Actually, the title is the name of a book I read (and loved) as a child; it was about an outcast girl just longing for the money for new ribbons for her braids.  She was called, “the Funny Girl,” by her tormentors.  That book helped me through the loneliness of my early school years. Junior … Continue reading

The Last Fire: Burn Notice Finale

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Burn Notice.  It was somewhere in the middle of some season, and it was just kitschy and “things blowing up” enough to keep my interest.  I told my brother I was watching Burn Notice, and he complained that the main guy (Jeffrey Donovan) was too dorky to play … Continue reading

Crazy is an Addiction

I’ve been depressed for as long as I can remember.  When psychiatrists ask me to pin down an age, I say “12” because that’s when the shit hit the fan in my life.  My Dad, who up to that point had been a distant and sometimes harsh figure in my life, had a complete nervous … Continue reading

I talk to my dead friend on Facebook

I had a friend.  She shot herself in the head. There was a time-lapse between these two statements.  Not quite a year, but close. I miss her.  I am, despite my upbringing, a religious person (it’s a joke, I was raised fundamentally).  So when she died, I had to deal with, “what if,” and my minister … Continue reading

50 Shades of Freak-Out

I was a little busy today so I came late to the announcement about Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey.  While I have no opinion about Dakota Johnson (have nothing to base it on beyond her parents’ work), I do have an opinion about Charlie. He’s a better actor than this piece-of-shit deserves.  While I am … Continue reading