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50 Shades of Freak-Out

I was a little busy today so I came late to the announcement about Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey.  While I have no opinion about Dakota Johnson (have nothing to base it on beyond her parents’ work), I do have an opinion about Charlie.

He’s a better actor than this piece-of-shit deserves.  While I am thrilled to see a female driven story being made BY females, I TRIED to read the trilogy.  I’ve read TONS of romance novels, way better written romance novels, but I went along with the excitement because it was for us girls.

And I honestly expected some sort of B-name actor, or freakishly wrong-casted verging on A-list.  I know you guys love Matt Bomer, and I do too, but I’m sorry, he really is a little too gay to play Christian.  I didn’t know shit about him and was convinced that he was gay before he came out. I actually LOVE gay/bi men, but Christian is written as hard-core straight.  And Ian Somerhalder?  I was rooting for him, as he does tortured so wonderfully. . . but you guys, Charlie brings a whole hunk of MANWICH to the table.

I’m a huge Sons of Anarchy fan, for about a gazillion reasons, but staring at pretty Charlie is a plus.  I also saw him play Nicholas Nickelby, who’s about as opposite of Jax Teller as one can get.  Charlie’s the real deal: a movie star in the making.  I’m not that concerned about him not having red hair or whatever it is we think he’s supposed to look like. 

I glanced about twitter to see a lot of CHARLIE HUNNAM? and decided it wasn’t worth me responded to any particular one with, “But have you ever seen him in anything?”  I never saw his name as a potential candidate from any speculator, but I think it’s an interesting and bold choice.

What I really want to know is, What does Kurt Sutter think?


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