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Wolves, and Vampires, OH MY

Actually, this post is mainly about wolves because I am writing about Teen Wolf.  It’s pretty much my new obsession, so much that I am ready to re-watch the first 2 seasons.

Before I start making ridiculous comments that sound rather teenager-y, let me say Teen Wolf is actually best viewed from an adult perspective.  I think it takes a certain amount of living to fully appreciate the various story-lines and characters.  Also, very violent and more sexual than most “teen” shows i.e. The Vampire Diaries and it’s ilk.  I had read more than one tweet praising Teen Wolf but the combination of the words “Teen Wolf” and “MTV” were too much for me.  I expected something silly, or at the best, something that would make me feel old.

The only thing that makes me feel old is the age of the actors in the show.  Even though the show is set in modern day, it manages to pay homage to its inception, the ’80’s flick Teen Wolf, by introducing some very ’80’s characters.  Stiles is the best example.  His character SCREAMS ’80’s movie side-kick to the point that I feel like the actor has been transported from the ’80’s.

But there’s plenty of the new.  Chicks were never this bad-ass in the ’80’s.  As much as I find stereotypical pretty-girl Allison tiresome, she does kick ass.  But I ADORE intellectual “slut” Lydia (and the actress who portrays her) who emits the scariest horror-flick scream I’ve ever heard.  Plus, Teen Wolf takes a hot, hunk-a-chunk high school jock, let’s us lust over him a bit, and then calmly reveals that he is openly gay.  And NOT ONCE has this character EVER been played “gay” but when he does meet a guy he likes, it’s wonderfully done.

But too much teenage-drooling part.  Main actor Tyler Posey has matured a bit since the pilot, but I mainly love his character Scott McCall for his mature attitude.  Now Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek Hale is another story.  Since his character LOOKS vaguely late 20’s, early 30’s (not sure how old he’s supposed to be), I’m pretty okay with lusting over him.  But Isaac (Daniel Sharman) is my secret crush.  He starts as the most down-trodden of characters, someone who should live beyond an episode or two, but here he is, quite a few eps later, becoming believably stronger (and hotter) with each episode.  It takes a solid actor to make a fan root for him hooking up with the m.c.’s chick, and I am totally team Isaac.


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