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Character Studies: The Bridge and Rectify

Thanks to my literary background and multiple college film courses, I love a good slow-paced drama with great character development. Television has become a great place to find all kinds of visual literature (some of it is quite intelligent) but I’ve just realized how The Bridge and Rectify connect.
Both star characters who are outside the norm. In The Bridge we have Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) an autistic cop who has difficulty forming “normal” relationships. Rectify’s Daniel Holden (Aden Young) also has magnificent social issues (some stemming from his 19 years in prison but he’s possibly always been “odd”). Daniel is able to make eye contact but his actions have more than once veered into territory that could be considered dangerous. Sonya, who seldom makes eye contact does make calculated seemingly dangerous decisions but she exerts great control over her circumstances.
Like True Detective, which was always evidently about the relationship, and the evolution of that relationship between the two primary characters, these two shows are not so much about the “who dunnit” as about how the happenings affect the leads and the relationships they forge with others.


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