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Led by Idiots: Why Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and Dr. Kay Scarpetta are Failing to Entertain

I’m trying to watch The Strain. I loved Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim and I’ll watch ANYTHING with a vampire in it. It’s not that The Strain is bad in the way much vampire/werewolf type art can be (Blood and Chocolate ahem) but it’s boring. Also, since the audience knows way more than the characters, the lead Dr Ephraim Goodweather is coming off as the biggest bumbling idiot on television this summer. We’ve known since episode one that he needed to team up with Abraham Setrakian but that didn’t happen until the end of episode 4.
The only character I like is exterminator, and that’s probably because I like the actor (Kevin Durand). I started episode six last night since I was eating my late night snack in front of the telly. I turned it OFF after finishing said snack because Eph had just gotten himself arrested for going to the most predictable place ever even though he knew law enforcement was after him. Could he not just USE A PAYPHONE to tell his wife and kid to get out of town?
Reading’s not going so well for me either. After not reading much of anything for about 4 years, I’m starting to get back into the grove. I decided I needed to find a prolific author I’d never read so I would have plenty of books on a list. After reading the 1st and 3rd Kay Scarpetta books (by Patricia Cornwell) I might have to find a new author. It’s not that Cornwell doesn’t write well (the first one is rather “literary” for mass literature) but a few plot matters are driving me buggy.
See, Scarpetta is supposed to be the sole of discretion even though her “discretion” is constantly being questioned. Why then does Cornwell have Scarpetta confide major secrets of an investigation to a JOURNALIST who of course then screws everything up by telling someone else? And why would an FBI agent need a detective to tell him what “BOLO” meant? And much like the cast of CSI, Dr. Scarpetta, who is the MEDICAL EXAMINER manages to have her hands in all aspects of the case including questioning witnesses, tracking down evidence, etc. I don’t suppose a realistic account of a medical examiner’s life would be very interesting.
I suppose this it what comes of learning to watch and read critically. I know I’ll catch heck from one of my friends for abandoning the Strain but if I can turn a show off after something supposedly important has just happened, it’s pointless for me to keep watching. I will watch or read almost anything to the end just to find out what happens but my tolerance has run out with this particular show. I’m still undecided on if I’ll continue with Cornwell.


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