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Anne Rice “Fangirls” over Stephen Amell

I follow Anne Rice on Facebook. She’s one of those rare celebs who actually RUNS her Facebook page and she’s fantastic about interacting with fans. I think she’s even responded to me once or twice.
She’s a great follow because she seems like the cool writer aunt you never had but always wanted. She reposts scholarly articles and watches Arrow. It’s the latter that prompted this blog.
Tonight she wrote:

“Sigh. “Arrow” withdrawal looming. Stephen Amell withdrawal —coming up. I’m going in to watch the last two episodes of season 2 and then no more “Arrow.” No more Manu Bennett either. Sigh. And what shall I do after that? Marathon the last season of “White Collar?” Okay. Yes. I’ll do that. Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay. There’s hope.”

This gives you a good idea of the typical Anne Rice post. Chatty and amusing but with a writer’s ability to give you a sense of the speaker actually relaying the words. It gets better. Stephen Amell, the star of Arrow, responded to her post:

“There’s nothing quite like your iPad beeping to inform you that Anne Rice has just mentioned you on Facebook. I continue to adore you enjoying the show. xo”

I read somewhere that Facebook has this new “mentions” sort of thing where celebrities can know when they have been mentioned and respond. There were a couple of examples in the article but this was the first time I had ever encountered it IRL!
Of course Anne, the consummate Southern lady responded immediately:

“Stephen, you are my hero! How incredible of you to pop up here! Well, I just watched the last two episodes!!!!! I’m in official withdrawal until the season starts in October! Go Arrow! Go Stephen!”

After this there’s another comment from a fan and then a final post from Anne, as if it was still dawning on her that Stephen Amell had noticed her post:

“My night is made!”

Look y’all. Anne Rice is a fangirl.


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