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Congratulations! You Broke Me

I’ve been feeling it creep on for about a month.  It’s always there, however, hovering behind my eyeballs, reminding me that I’ll never truly be free or happy. Fucking Depression. I thought I was getting better, that if I could just maintain a positive outlook I could gradually pull myself out of the muck enough … Continue reading

A Surfeit of Pride

There’s a tax on coupons. You probably don’t know this unless you shop with food stamps, as I do. No tax when you use food stamps, but you do have to pay the tax on any coupons you use. The first time this happened to me was a bit of a shock but I fortunately … Continue reading

SOA 7.1 Recap

I just realized I should have written a Sons of Anarchy post since I have watched every single episode, follow Kurt Sutter on twitter, and have definite opinions about last night’s season 7 opener. First, WHAT THE HELL is Jax doing? Why is he talking to a KKK prison dude? Oh, wait. That’s Marilyn Manson. … Continue reading

Seeing Better

I’m wearing contacts for the first time in years. Well, not really the first time. I tried them out for two days a month ago until I dropped the left contact down the drain. I really do look better in glasses. My features don’t match. I have my mother’s bedroom eyes with my father’s jowl … Continue reading