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SOA 7.1 Recap

I just realized I should have written a Sons of Anarchy post since I have watched every single episode, follow Kurt Sutter on twitter, and have definite opinions about last night’s season 7 opener.
First, WHAT THE HELL is Jax doing? Why is he talking to a KKK prison dude? Oh, wait. That’s Marilyn Manson. I knew he was going to be in this.
Only Kurt Sutter could make a biker gang dragging a dude in a wheelchair down the road funny.
I’ve just realized this is all Gemma’s fault. I mean, I knew all the OLD SHIT was her fault, but now the new shit is too (also pissed at Kurt Sutter for IGNORING this in SOA afterwards).
OH MY GOD these guys really suck at their job. 3 people have died so far and NONE of them had SHIT to do with what the Sons were set on killin’ folks for: 2 horny preachers and a lonely kid. It’s always kind of bugged me the way the club was “shoot first, questions later” but this is DU-UMB.
Also, how did Jax’s druggie ex-wife become the most likable female on this show?
I still like Chibbs. There’s that.
Also, as I was watching The Bridge tonight I realized Eleanor Nacht (Franke Potente) is about the scariest thing I have ever seen. I really wish Gemma would run afoul of her.


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