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Genealogy 101: How to start your family tree without pulling your hair out

Let me start by telling you I am by no means a skilled researcher.  Until a few months ago the family genealogist was my mother.  about 25 years ago, or more she spend months researching in the library and on the net, and together with assistance from my aunt she compiled several notebooks filled with … Continue reading

The Great Walking-Backwards

I was getting my shit together.  Lost almost 50 lbs. over a two year period, got one job, then a second one because I still had too much time on my hands. Let me back up.  I wasn’t sure I could hold up to working a job.  Had been out of work for over 4 … Continue reading

The More Things Change, the Less They Do

I am having a very time-trippy uncomfortable moment.  I just caught Interview With the Vampire on television, and since it used to be one of my favorite films but I haven’t watched it in years, I thought I’d give it a go.  And then I started remembering why I saw it 7 times in the theater … Continue reading

Not So Alone, After All

While I was at the Publix tonight I overheard two women who knew each other chatting.  One mentioned that her husband was having a bonfire tonight and the other one was getting ready for a trip to a cabin.  Since my family DOES NOT, and NEVER HAS done much in the way of anything social … Continue reading

A Surfeit of Pride

There’s a tax on coupons. You probably don’t know this unless you shop with food stamps, as I do. No tax when you use food stamps, but you do have to pay the tax on any coupons you use. The first time this happened to me was a bit of a shock but I fortunately … Continue reading

SOA 7.1 Recap

I just realized I should have written a Sons of Anarchy post since I have watched every single episode, follow Kurt Sutter on twitter, and have definite opinions about last night’s season 7 opener. First, WHAT THE HELL is Jax doing? Why is he talking to a KKK prison dude? Oh, wait. That’s Marilyn Manson. … Continue reading

Seeing Better

I’m wearing contacts for the first time in years. Well, not really the first time. I tried them out for two days a month ago until I dropped the left contact down the drain. I really do look better in glasses. My features don’t match. I have my mother’s bedroom eyes with my father’s jowl … Continue reading

Anne Rice “Fangirls” over Stephen Amell

I follow Anne Rice on Facebook. She’s one of those rare celebs who actually RUNS her Facebook page and she’s fantastic about interacting with fans. I think she’s even responded to me once or twice. She’s a great follow because she seems like the cool writer aunt you never had but always wanted. She reposts … Continue reading

Poor Gwyneth!

You know, I am starting to feel a little sorry for Gwyneth Paltrow. The woman is obviously fighting aging for all her worth and she’s not doing it the lazy way (i.e. plastic surgery). Nope, she’s dieting and exercising and meditating and who knows what else to try to keep herself eternally 25. Despite all … Continue reading

Led by Idiots: Why Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and Dr. Kay Scarpetta are Failing to Entertain

I’m trying to watch The Strain. I loved Pan’s Labyrinth and Pacific Rim and I’ll watch ANYTHING with a vampire in it. It’s not that The Strain is bad in the way much vampire/werewolf type art can be (Blood and Chocolate ahem) but it’s boring. Also, since the audience knows way more than the characters, … Continue reading