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I first heard about 50 Shades of Grey on twitter–a couple of summers ago. I told my friend (at the time, we have since parted ways) about them and she bought them, read them, and them bought another set and had them shipped to me. At the time I thought it was a lovely gesture. … Continue reading

“I Hate the Morning” or Waking Up “is the Hardest Thing to Do”

For me, one of the biggest challenges of depression is getting out of bed.  Not only am I NOT a morning person, if I haven’t had enough sleep or went to bed depressed, it can be difficult for me to get out of the bed any earlier than 10-12 AFTER I went to sleep.  I … Continue reading

Character Studies: The Bridge and Rectify

Thanks to my literary background and multiple college film courses, I love a good slow-paced drama with great character development. Television has become a great place to find all kinds of visual literature (some of it is quite intelligent) but I’ve just realized how The Bridge and Rectify connect. Both star characters who are outside … Continue reading

Life Advice for My Niece i.e. “Do the Opposite of What I Did”

I’m trying to flesh out my linkedin,com profile and realizing yet again how I have managed to do it all wrong.  I have no real volunteering experience, I was active in anything beyond newspaper staff (and that was mainly high school) and I can’t even B.S. a current job because I don’t even blog enough … Continue reading

I’ve killed my brain; my brain is dead

Most days I spent furtively trying to remember what it is I am trying to remember.  Simple tasks, like making a grocery list can become overwhelming because by the time I grab a pad and paper I’ve forgotten two of the three things I am trying to write down. I can’t even make lists anymore. … Continue reading

Facebook’s “Beautiful” Challenge

When I first saw the latest Facebook challenge geared towards women, I was In.  For simplicity’s sake I will call it the beautiful challenge.  Although the wording seems to be changing slightly as the challenge spreads, the essence is, post 5 beautiful pictures of yourself and then tag some friends challenging them to do likewise. … Continue reading

Drop A Line

I’ve been going through a bad patch.  Okay, most of my life feels like a bad patch, but there are patches worse than others.  Worse has been around recently.  And damn me, I don’t have any friends I talk to regularly.  Becomes a problem when one needs to complain about one’s family. Did I mention … Continue reading

Wolves, and Vampires, OH MY

Actually, this post is mainly about wolves because I am writing about Teen Wolf.  It’s pretty much my new obsession, so much that I am ready to re-watch the first 2 seasons. Before I start making ridiculous comments that sound rather teenager-y, let me say Teen Wolf is actually best viewed from an adult perspective.  I think … Continue reading

The Funny Girl

Actually, the title is the name of a book I read (and loved) as a child; it was about an outcast girl just longing for the money for new ribbons for her braids.  She was called, “the Funny Girl,” by her tormentors.  That book helped me through the loneliness of my early school years. Junior … Continue reading

The Last Fire: Burn Notice Finale

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Burn Notice.  It was somewhere in the middle of some season, and it was just kitschy and “things blowing up” enough to keep my interest.  I told my brother I was watching Burn Notice, and he complained that the main guy (Jeffrey Donovan) was too dorky to play … Continue reading